Expert Advisory Panel

Shellfish diseases cross all borders, that is why an international network will be set up, gathering experts from the main countries producing shellfishes beyond Europe, such as China, Japan, Corea, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

These experts will be researchers, representatives of the shellfish industry and institutional decision-makers. They will be invited to follow-up and comment on the project’s developments. Within this network, VIVALDI will contribute to sharing all stakeholders’ information and experiences on shellfish mortalities, for a better management of the related diseases. The EAP will be invited to suggest changes or advices taking into account the situation in their own country and results of their own research programs. In addition to advise the coordination team and Executive Board by providing an independent external advice on scientific and technical issues relevant to the project, the integration of international experts from recognized institutes in the EAP will allow the consortium, and the European research community as a whole, to benefit of an international expertise in order to better control diseases.

Exchanges with US members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Publié le 17 février 2017

In July and December 2016, Colleen Burge (Maryland University-USA) participated in several joint activities with some VIVALDI partners. In January/February 2017, Ryan Carnegie (Virginia Institute of Marine Science-USA) was in France to exchange with the Ifremer team in La Tremblade.