VIVALDI (Preventing and Mitigating Farmed Bivalve Diseases) is a European scientific project, financed in the framework of the EU Research and Development programme called Horizon 2020. It is carried out by a consortium of 21 partners, from 10 countries. It will last 4 years, till February 2020.

Studied species

7 species are studied in VIVALDI: cupped and flat oysters, Mediterranean and blue mussels, clams, cockles and scallops.

Main results from VIVALDI

Early detection of pathogens affecting shellfish, strengthening the immune defences of oysters, identifying individuals which that are more resistant to certain diseases and environmental factors with an impact on mortality episodes, etc… The European research project Vivaldi is coming to a close, with numerous scientific results and recommendations for better management of shellfish diseases.

What the media says about VIVALDI

Here are a few media clippings showing what can be read in the press about the VIVALDI project and underlining the expectations of the producers, the consumers and the decision-makers when it comes to ensuring the sustainability of the shellfish industry.

Posters and brochures

Here you can find the different posters edited to introduce the VIVALDI project and its outcomes.