Work strands

Work strand 1

The objective of this 1st axis is to find, describe, measure and understand the interactions that happen in the shells’ environment, which can make them sick.

Work strand 3

The objective of this 3rd axis is to develop disease-resistant oysters and clams, while maintaining the highest possible genetic diversity. The potential impact of genetic selection will also be explored.

Work strand 5

The objective of this 5th axis is to build upon the knowledge acquired in the other 4 axis to propose general recommendations on how shell farms could be better protected against the mortalities.

Work strand 2

The objective of this 2nd axis is to improve knowledge about the physiological functions that allow the animals to resist to the diseases. The question of how the surrounding pathogens interact with the animals is also to be investigated.

Work strand 4

The objective of this 4th axis is to better identify the health situation of the shells, finding new symptoms that could help identifying earlier the sick animals.

Work strand 6

The objective of the 6th axis will be to ensure a broad dissemination of the project's activities and results, beyond the scientific community.