Strand 5: Disease management measures and biosecurity

The objective of this 5th axis is to build upon the knowledge acquired in the other 4 axis to propose general recommendations on how shell farms could be better protected against the mortalities.

The main objective of WP5 is to define and propose practical methods and general recommendations drawn from knowledge acquired from previous WPs for infectious disease control. This WP will include experimental work in order to evaluate pathogen inactivation and water decontamination.


  • Field/hatchery strategies to reduce mortality
  • Development of techniques to control water quality and treatment efficacy (against pathogens) and control production of secondary products during water treatment
  • Development of enhanced risk assessment procedures and provision of guidelines for improving biosecurity
  • Use of models to predict disease spread and transmission and propose effective disease management measures

Main expected results:

  • Identifying techniques allowing to inactivate pathogens;
  • Operationalize the biosensors developed in the first axis;
  • Reference guide for shell farming in Europe, based on the whole project findings.