The Institute of Marine Research (NO) visiting CEFAS (UK)

As part of Vivaldi work under WP1 on ‘Pathogen diversity and improving tools for better surveillance’ the aims of the visit were:

  • To develop standard diagnostic criteria for scallop pathology.
  • To agree a sampling strategy for investigations in Norway on the occurrence and possible lifecycle of Marteilia.
  • To examine the aetiology of a bacterial infection (RLO-like) in flat oyster as part of a wider assessment of similar infections in bivalves globally.

During the visit Stein Mortensen, from IMR, provided a laboratory wide seminar on ‘The northwards expansion of the Pacific oyster – does the oyster carry the Ostreid herpesvirus (OsHV-1) on its way?’.  In addition, the visit allowed time for discussing with the Fish Health Inspectorate, aquatic animal health infrastructure and procedures in fulfilment of responsibilities as NRL. A laboratory tour provided opportunities for Cefas staff to discuss technical and scientific topics. Several ongoing activities are now active and planned.