Other partners

Acuiplus cluster (Spain)

The Acuiplus cluster is a joint structure allowing its member companies, all specialised in the field of aquaculture, to meet and foster innovation, to promote cooperation, complementarity and communication among all of them, contributing to a better competitiveness and international visibility.

Website: http://www.acuiplus.org/

Spanish association of seafood producers (APROMAR - Spain)

APROMAR is the representative organisation for seafood producers and retailers in Spain.

Website: http://www.apromar.es/

Mediterranean Aquaculture Association (AMA - Italy)

AMAis the representative organisation for seafood producers and retailers in Italy.

Website: http://www.a-m-a.it/

French National Committee on Shellfish Aquaculture (CNC - France)

The CNC is the official representative organisation for mollusc producers and retailers in France.

Website: http://www.cnc-france.com

European Aquaculture Society (EAS)

EAS aims at promoting contacts between all involved in marine and freshwater aquaculture, facilitating the circulation of aquaculture related information, promoting the sponsorship of multi-disciplinary research concerning aquaculture and enhancing cooperation on all matters dealing with aquaculture.

Website: http://www.easonline.org

European Association of Fish and Shellfish Pathologists (EAFP)

It is an interdisciplinary society, embracing all aspects of aquatic disease in fish and shellfish, in aquaculture and in wild stocks. Members come from all disciplines, biologists, microbiologists, veterinarians, fish farmers and aquaculture engineers. The objective of the EAFP is to promote the rapid exchange of experience and information on aquatic disease problems and related topics.

Website: http://eafp.org

Federación de Productores de Moluscos del Delta del Ebro (FEPROMODEL - Spain)

Fepromodel is the Catalan agency in charge of cooperating with research organisations in order to improve the productivity of mollusc cultivation in the bahias. 

Website: http://www.fepromodel.com