Workshop on OsHV-1 diversity and interactions between OsHV-1, C.gigas and the environment.

This workshop  took advantage of the presence in Brest of a member of the Expert Advisory Panel, Colleen Burge (Maryland University-USA) to discuss the state-of-the-art concerning the oyster/OsHV-1 relation. The discussion with the American researcher opened interesting comparison opportunities, as the shellfish industry is not organised the same way in the US and in Europe. OsHV-1 diversity was at the heart of the discussion and the work planned in the context of the VIVALDI project was explained in details. Discussions on the interactions between the oyster, the virus and the environment also took place and short-term research perspectives were introduced by the partners in charge in VIVALDI.

The final programme and the list of participants of this meeting can be downloaded

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