VIVALDI Kick-off meeting, Nantes, 5-6 April 2016

This meeting marked the start of the VIVALDI 4 years EU project, which will bring together 21 institutions from Europe and beyond, on the issue of mollusc diseases.

The VIVALDI partners gathered in Nantes on 5-6 April to officially kick-off their new project, which started on 1st March 2016. On that occasion, scientists from 9 EU countries + Israel, coming from public and private research institutions as well as SMEs, actively exchanged on the cooperation modalities that will apply over the next 4 years.

Issues such as study sites, sampling strategies or reporting procedures were at the heart of discussions.

Everyone went back home with a clear roadmap for the next years, looking forward to experimenting new solutions for preventing and mitigating mollusc diseases, in cooperation with each other.